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Top Secret!   A complete and powerful business guide for salon professionals. We have combined all four current books into one expanded edition.  In this book you will get all the strategies that offer each salon professional an opportunity to excel their career whether a stylist or a salon owner.



"I absolutely recommend these books to anyone who is looking to build their career and become a success in the beauty industry... Whether you are fresh out of school or a seasoned stylist this is the learning tool for you." 

                          ~ Melody Goodhue, Booth Renter in Boston, MA

"Really enjoyed reading through the workbooks and believe they are well done, straight forward and comprehensive, using a narrative form which every stylist and owner can benefit."   
~ William C. Decker, Managing Partner at Decker, Christenson & Associates



Retailing in Action, Salon professionals! Conquer the Obstacles of Selling Retail Forever.  In this condensed version, you will learn how to take control over the amount of money you make.  Learn how to turn the fear of retailing into the power of success.  Learn what compassionate retailing is all about.  In this workbook we will also show salon owners and managers easy steps to follow to encourage staff to improve their retail sales.  We will...more...

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Hush! Royalty is Walking Through the Door
How to Provide Outstanding Customer Service and Outshine Your Competition. 
​​​In this condensed version, this book is for salon professionals. We show you how to provide outrageous customer service and how to outshine your competition at every turn! We will take a close look at...more...
Stylists are Business Owners Too! In this condensed version, we will show the stylist how to turn their chair into a Moneymaker. ​Stylists: Are you treating your chair like a business? Is your chair making you the money you want? Do your retail sales consistently give you a pay raise?  In this book, you will learn how to take control of your styling station and treat it like a business. You will learn the do’s and don’ts of what it takes to be successful behind your chair. You will learn proven strategies...more... 


The ABC’s of Operating Your Salon, Developing Discipline for Dollar$.  
​In this condensed version, this book is for the salon professional who owns or manages a salon or who wants to own a salon. You will learn techniques to grow your salon successfully and will also learn how to prevent and overcome financial ruin. We will go over...more...